Theresa Ayers September 29, 2022 Practice Management no responses

Boy, if we really could predict and know what was going to happen wouldn’t that be great.  The thing is though, we never know what is about to happen.  But we can tune in to what is going on around us now and get ideas of the direction to go.

Technology is emerging in so many areas including the field of Optometry. An immediate example that comes to mind is how documenting your exams can now be done electronically.  Paper is still used in a lot of cases, but you can also scan copies to reduce the amount that you actually keep in the office.

What about telehealth?  Is this area exclusive to medical practitioners?  Remote examinations are happening all around us now.  Does it mean that in person care is no longer in demand?  Absolutely not.  The need for Optometrists is always going to be here but just like other things that we have allowed into our lives and practices, it could be something in the future as a tool to add more services to your patients.