Theresa Ayers June 26, 2023 Practice Management no responses

It seems like summer break just started and here we are talking about Back to School.  We double checked the calendar and sure enough, it is that time again.

Often times, parents don’t realize that their child may not be seeing as clearly as they should.  It is when the child goes to school and is unable to view the board that prompts them to visit you.  It is equally as important to start a child off on the right path to making sure they have a lifetime of healthy vision by educating them (and their parents) that an annual exam is recommended.  The vision of children is likely to change more often so annual exams can help determine if the change is normal or if there is an underlying medical concern that could be lurking.

Be part of the solution to educating our children beyond the classroom.  Make sure to post on your office door that you are available for walk in or scheduled appointments to get those annual exams done now and maybe include some fun facts about eyes that you can share with your patients.