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Nicole Gonzales July 29, 2021 Practice Management no responses

Many times we go with the assumption that the Associates in Walmart know that there is an eye care provider inside their store.  You would be surprised to know that only a small percentage are aware.  During some of your “down time”, why not take a few minutes to walk out, talk to the pharmacist, and introduce yourself to the Associates at the registers.  Not only can these folks be your patients, but also they have family and friends that could be your patients.  Most stores have regular morning and afternoon meetings with the Department leads.  Generally, this is done right on the store floor and is very quick.  Talk to the Store Manager and see if you can attend  these meetings on a somewhat regular basis.  This will help capture some of the areas of the store you may not get to, such as automotive.   Don’t underestimate the value of your personal interactions with those Walmart Associates.


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