Theresa Ayers March 30, 2023 Practice Management no responses

An exam at your office can and should be elevated to a memorable experience for the patient and this can be done with some relatively simple and thoughtful practices.

In just about every business, people have a choice of where to go.  Often times it is the experience that will drive them to, or from, a certain business.  Optometry definitely falls into this scenario.  How can you help distinguish yourself from the optometrist down the road.  Yes, pricing is a factor too, but when that is at a competitive rate then you are looking at other factors.  Make your patients feel special by doing some very simple things.

After an exam, do a follow up call, text or email within a day or two to find out if new contact lenses are working out.  Or to simply thank them for their visit.  Share with them some tips on anything that they may experience with a new prescription.  Try to make that tip as a personal experience that maybe you or a family member had because as a patient it is likely that they will hear and remember the story rather than hearing just information.

These small gestures of connecting with your patients will help create a lasting memory.  Those patients are sharing with their family, friends and colleagues the positive experience they had getting their examination from you.