Nicole Gonzales January 10, 2022 Practice Management no responses

Imagine yourself as a patient and you show up to your doctor’s office and they are closed. But how could that be when you had checked a few days earlier and confirmed their days open and hours open and timed your visit during those times. How likely are you to call that office to schedule an appointment or to try at another time to go back?

Keeping your office open and available during posted/contracted hours IS important. Not only for access to care should an existing patient need records, but also because it is what people expect from a business. In today’s environment, if you aren’t there, people will just go somewhere else. Why give away your business?

There are always going to be the occasional situations that may cause a change to schedule and that is completely understandable. Trying to keep that to an occasional instance is the key though. When it becomes more frequent the effects to your business and reputation can be impacted in a negative way.

Don’t forget to look at how your practice is run from the eyes of a patient’s point of view. They really value the service and care that you provide. Being there for them is one way to thank them for choosing YOU as their eye care provider.