Nicole Gonzales September 1, 2021 Practice Management no responses
You only have ONE chance to make a GREAT first impression so it is important that you and your team are proactive to make sure ALL first impressions are great.
Take a moment to look at your front office space and try to see it through the eyes of someone who has never gone into your office before. Is it clean and clutter free? Are the floors clean? Don’t forget to look under the chairs and check behind any tables/bookcases. When did you last dust or sweep and mop the floors? If it wasn’t yesterday and/or you have to think about it, then it was too long ago.
Now let’s take a look into that pre-testing area, contact lens room and exam lane. Keep in mind, your office is a clinical setting. The expectation of a neat, organized and extremely clean and sanitized space is high on the list of all patients.
A great looking office is just part of the patient experience. Don’t forget that first impressions are also the interactions the patient has with people. This often starts with a phone conversation. People can hear a smile and on the flip side, they can tell when there is no smile. Take some time and actually listen to how your staff communicates with people. If you are not looking, can you hear the smile in their voice? When communicating in person, you can actually see a smile…or can you? Take some time to observe how your staff greets people coming into your office. Remember, your staff is a representation of your practice. Make sure it is pleasant, welcoming and professional.
The little things really do count a lot when it comes to those first impressions. Don’t lose sight of those things so your office can continue to thrive with positive experiences.