Theresa Ayers March 1, 2023 FSVS Partner no responses

So many things associated with the start of this coming season.  And all of it is so important.

Spring forward.  Just a reminder of the time change that will occur and time is moved forward one hour.  Note your calendars for March 12 for this event.

Spring into action.  It is something that we mention a lot here and it is just so important that you don’t get too complacent.  Don’t ever take the busy days for granted.  And try to help prepare yourself for any slower days.  Get information from your patients on possible family members that may need an exam in the near future.  Find out who their employer is and send a letter to that company letting them know that you are local and are taking new patients.

And the dreaded Spring cleaning.  Hopefully you keep up on cleaning your office daily and this task should not be too overwhelming.  Keep in mind, your practice is a clinical setting and cleanliness is expected to be at a higher standard.

Spring is a time of refresh and renew.  Embrace the season and bring some of the positive vibes into your business.  A happy business is a thriving business.