Theresa Ayers May 26, 2023 FSVS Partner no responses

We don’t always think about it, but it is true that the words you choose matter.  As a business owner, this is something that you might want to consider exploring and laying out a plan for you and your staff when giving general information such as pricing and for scheduling appointments. Listed below are a few pointers on some of the most frequently used phrases.

INSTEAD OF SAYING:  Exams are $xx.xx

TRY SAYING:  Our exam prices are only $xx.xx and include xxxx.

People will hear that word “only” and feel that they are getting a good deal and if you let them know what an examination includes they will realize there is more to an examination than just a Rx at the end.  Avoid using words like “cheaper”.  If you say lower in cost or less expensive it may present a more positive spin on the value of the service at an affordable price.


INSTEAD OF SAYING:  When would you like to schedule that appointment?

TRY SAYING:  If the patient is in your office, then hopefully you are telling them that they can be seen now.  If they are calling in, then let them know you have time today to see them and give them  one or two time slots when they can come in.  If they really want to schedule in advance, then try to give them a time slot for maybe around the time you are speaking with them.  Most people make calls when they have a free moment in the day, so that might be the best time to try to schedule them.