Theresa Ayers July 27, 2023 Personal Development no responses

You have planted your optometric garden of services and now need everything to bloom into the spectacular beauty of a successful practice.  These tips are useful for any location no matter how new or how established.

You can’t improve your practice if you aren’t at your practice.  It really is important for the doctor to be present in the office during contracted/operating hours.  Arriving late, leaving early, extended lunches may happen once in a great while, but it should not be a normal thing since patients do pay attention to the schedule.

Just as with a garden, you have to weed out the practice on a regular basis.  This means keeping a tidy exam lane and front desk area.  It really makes sense to keep the entire office clean and organized.  Take a moment to clean that pretest table every time between patients, keep lined trash bins in every room so trash is easy to collect and remove every day and keep the surfaces of all other counter/desk tops clean and clutter free so it makes it easier to wipe down each day.  These little extra steps will help keep those little dust bunnies at bay.

An idea could also be take a before and after picture of your office.  Always strive to maintain and even improve on making that after picture your goal at the end of each day.  Set a specific day of the week to compare pictures and don’t make excuses for not keeping to that date.

Pay attention to yourself and how you interact with patients and even with the associates in our host environment.  Make sure that you are presenting the best you that you can be.  You may not be having a great day for whatever reason, but it is important that those you interact with are not impacted by this.  It can be a challenge because sometimes the other person is just not cooperating but taking the high road will have its benefits in the long run.

Patients really are given so many options in the world today of where they can choose to get healthcare needs met.  Your goal is to be the best one.  Keep your office clean, be in the office as scheduled and being the most friendly and professional provider are just some of the things that patients are looking for.