Theresa Ayers August 26, 2022 Practice Management no responses

It’s at that time of year again.  And if you thought “back to school” was over, think again.

This year may be an important one as most schools are totally in person now so those kids that haven’t been in a classroom for a few years may have neglected (or not even noticed) that their vision is not as sharp as it should be.  Extend your back to school marketing for at least another month this year.

Another thing that you should start focusing on is the “use it or lose it” for insurance benefits.  Before you know it, the end of the year will be here why not get an early start on marketing for this campaign.

Also try to capture the families that are getting the California Relief Payments.  Maybe some of these folks have put off some of their health care needs and the added stimulus can be utilized to get the exam that they have been putting off.

Keep your doors open, take those walk-in patients and post flyers about these things on your door.  Vacations will be over soon and your care is needed, but sometimes you have to remind people of the importance of routine annual eye exams.