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Theresa Ayers February 28, 2022 Practice Management no responses

At some point, you may find yourself in a position to have to interview candidates to fill a position in your practice.  Here are a few tips to make sure that you find the right person for the job.


When reviewing any resume, don’t automatically assume that someone is more qualified or less qualified than what you may desire.  Some of the things to identify on the resume could be their writing style, grammar and possibly technology skills that you may be looking for.

A pre-interview phone call can help to identify candidates that you want to bring in for face-to-face interviews.  During this phone call, you can find out what their availability is, if they have salary requirements that are in line with the pay scale you have established for the position, etc.

Have a list of questions ready.  Make sure that your questions are open-ended (avoid the yes/no answers).  You can easily go on Google to find some great questions for the position you have available.

Be a little brief/vague about the specific job duties before asking questions.  This will prompt your candidate to be more honest with their response as opposed to tailoring their answers based on the details you provided.

Take notice of the time the candidate arrived for their interview.  It is also extremely important that you are available to start the interview at the scheduled time.  This will demonstrate your value of keeping to scheduled times.

Take notes during the interview process.  Once done asking the questions you have prepared put down the pen and paper and continue conversing with the candidate.  You may find that once you aren’t taking notes, they relax a little bit and offer more information.

Make sure that you are aware of questions that are illegal to ask.

Finally, let the candidate do most of the talking.  You want to make sure that their personality is going to fit into your practice and the expectations of the position.

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Nicole Gonzales January 31, 2022 Practice Management no responses

As a part of your annual budgeting and planning, review the plans you currently accept. For the most part, any existing plans will remain in your practice. But this is the opportunity to review the profitability of each plan in the right light. Decisions to drop plans should not be made in the heat of the moment if you encounter a rude or unhelpful claims processor. Integrate the additions and deletions of managed care into your annual planning process and don’t worry about this component for the balance of the year.

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Nicole Gonzales January 10, 2022 Practice Management no responses

Imagine yourself as a patient and you show up to your doctor’s office and they are closed. But how could that be when you had checked a few days earlier and confirmed their days open and hours open and timed your visit during those times. How likely are you to call that office to schedule an appointment or to try at another time to go back?

Keeping your office open and available during posted/contracted hours IS important. Not only for access to care should an existing patient need records, but also because it is what people expect from a business. In today’s environment, if you aren’t there, people will just go somewhere else. Why give away your business?

There are always going to be the occasional situations that may cause a change to schedule and that is completely understandable. Trying to keep that to an occasional instance is the key though. When it becomes more frequent the effects to your business and reputation can be impacted in a negative way.

Don’t forget to look at how your practice is run from the eyes of a patient’s point of view. They really value the service and care that you provide. Being there for them is one way to thank them for choosing YOU as their eye care provider.

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Nicole Gonzales November 22, 2021 Practice Management no responses

Who doesn’t want to know more about the person providing care for you and your family? Why not take a moment to write a biography of yourself and your practice to post at your office door. It’s even better if you include a recent picture of yourself.

For those who have websites, you’ve probably already done this, but not everyone visits the website. Having a framed biography at your office door gives those potential patients a peek into the person on the other side of the phoropter.

Your patients are all thankful for you, so sharing a piece of who you are is just a small thing you can do to show them that you are there because of them.

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Nicole Gonzales October 1, 2021 Personal Development no responses

Let’s face it. The past year has thrown a barrage of challenges at us that none of us had even considered. As a result, it can be easy to be burned out and be less than positively motivated.

You have the power though to change that! Some very simple steps can be incorporated into your daily routine. As with any new “habit”, it can take a little time to make these changes effortless but the payoff can be well worth it.

Get a little exercise time. Whether you choose to take a walk around the perimeter of the store, or actual gym visits, a little movement is not only good for your body, but it can be a great time to reflect on the positive things that occurred recently. Think about the smile on the face of a patient as you fit them in their first pair of contacts, or a milestone that your child may have achieved. Look at that, two tasks completed with one action!

Make sure that you take a moment to look your best every day, not just the days that you go into work. Keeping to a regular routine of getting up and ready at the same time every day helps keep you on track.

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Nicole Gonzales September 1, 2021 Practice Management no responses
You only have ONE chance to make a GREAT first impression so it is important that you and your team are proactive to make sure ALL first impressions are great.
Take a moment to look at your front office space and try to see it through the eyes of someone who has never gone into your office before. Is it clean and clutter free? Are the floors clean? Don’t forget to look under the chairs and check behind any tables/bookcases. When did you last dust or sweep and mop the floors? If it wasn’t yesterday and/or you have to think about it, then it was too long ago.
Now let’s take a look into that pre-testing area, contact lens room and exam lane. Keep in mind, your office is a clinical setting. The expectation of a neat, organized and extremely clean and sanitized space is high on the list of all patients.
A great looking office is just part of the patient experience. Don’t forget that first impressions are also the interactions the patient has with people. This often starts with a phone conversation. People can hear a smile and on the flip side, they can tell when there is no smile. Take some time and actually listen to how your staff communicates with people. If you are not looking, can you hear the smile in their voice? When communicating in person, you can actually see a smile…or can you? Take some time to observe how your staff greets people coming into your office. Remember, your staff is a representation of your practice. Make sure it is pleasant, welcoming and professional.
The little things really do count a lot when it comes to those first impressions. Don’t lose sight of those things so your office can continue to thrive with positive experiences.

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Nicole Gonzales July 29, 2021 Practice Management no responses

Many times we go with the assumption that the Associates in Walmart know that there is an eye care provider inside their store.  You would be surprised to know that only a small percentage are aware.  During some of your “down time”, why not take a few minutes to walk out, talk to the pharmacist, and introduce yourself to the Associates at the registers.  Not only can these folks be your patients, but also they have family and friends that could be your patients.  Most stores have regular morning and afternoon meetings with the Department leads.  Generally, this is done right on the store floor and is very quick.  Talk to the Store Manager and see if you can attend  these meetings on a somewhat regular basis.  This will help capture some of the areas of the store you may not get to, such as automotive.   Don’t underestimate the value of your personal interactions with those Walmart Associates.


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Nicole Gonzales July 1, 2021 Practice Management no responses

Most of us think about writing a business plan when we start a business.  How many of us go back and review that plan to make sure you are on course?  Sometimes things beyond your control may change the direction of your original plan.  A good idea is to not only review your business plan at least once a year, but be prepared to update it as you complete certain goals or need to add new goals.  If you have not written a business plan or can’t locate your original one, take the time to prepare one for your practice now.

Some of the key components to include in your practice plan may be:

  • A company summary/description.
  • What services will you offer?
  • What is your Mission Statement?
  • What are some of the strengths of your business (ie., location/hours of operation etc).
  • Marketing plans/Growth of Practice
    • Social media
    • Website
    • Online scheduling
    • Any services that you plan to add
  • Competitors
    • Identify your local competitors and identify how you can set yourself apart from them
    • Know your target patient base

It is also a good idea to share your business plan with your staff.  Enlist them to help you achieve your goals.  They may have ideas to share with you on achieving your objectives.  Having their “buy in” makes your job much easier.  Also, feel free to share your plan with your District Manager.  Your District Manager wants you to succeed and they work with many other offices and may be able to share some tips with you.  And finally, make sure that your goals are attainable and have specific objectives.  Put some time on your calendar every month to check where you are with achieving your goals.

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Nicole Gonzales May 7, 2021 Uncategorized no responses

Get Google Voice 

With Google Voice, you get a free phone number for calls, text messages, and voicemail. You can use the apps on smartphones and computers, and you can link your number to any mobile or landline number. 

What you can do with Voice 

  • Text from your computer or mobile phone 
  • Read your voicemail and search through it like email 
  • Personalize voicemail greetings for family and friends 
  • Make international calls at low rates 
  • Get protected from spam calls, block unwanted callers, and screen calls before answering 

To offer these services, Voice saves and processes your call, text, and voicemail information. 

What you need to use Voice 

  • A Google Account 
  • Computer or mobile phone with internet access (for sign-up) 
  • U.S. phone number that can forward calls after ringing 
  • Note: Some VoIP phone number providers don’t allow conditional call forwarding 

Cost and availability 

Voice is only available in the U.S. If you’re outside the U.S., you can make calls with Hangouts. 

  • Almost all Google Voice calls to the U.S. and Canada are free when you’re calling from the U.S. 
  • Calls to a few places in the U.S. and Canada cost 1 cent per minute (USD), or the listed rate for your local currency  
  • Calls to places outside the U.S. are at listed rates 

Computer AndroidiPhone & iPad 

System and browser requirements 

Operating systems that work with Voice 

Web browsers that work with Voice 

Sign up for Voice and get your number 

  1. On your computer, go to 
  1. Sign in to your Google Account. 
  1. After reviewing the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, tap Continue. 
  1. Search by city or area code for a number. Voice doesn’t offer 1-800 numbers. 
  • If there aren’t any numbers available in the area you want, try somewhere nearby. 
  1. Next to the number you want, click Select. Follow the instructions. 

After setting up Voice, you can link another phone number. Learn more about setting up phones. 

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Nicole Gonzales February 11, 2021 Uncategorized no responses
As technology advances, so do the possibility of scams. It can be easy to fall prey to this type of thing. While it is easier to avoid or identify this sort of thing at home, don’t forget about the impact to your business. Making sure that you and your staff is aware of some of the steps to take/avoid can help protect you and your business.
  1. Never send money via gift card or wire transfer to someone you have never met face-to-face. Seriously, just don’t ever do it. If they ask you to use wire transfer, a prepaid debit card, or a gift card, those cannot be traced and are as good as cash. Chances are, you won’t see your money again. See the FTC video on how scammers try to convince you to pay. If someone is trying to convince yo
  2. u to pay this way, stop, get off the phone or the computer, and file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Report the activity to BBB Scam Tracker.
  3. Avoid clicking on links or opening attachments in unsolicited emails. Links, if clicked, will download malware onto your computer, smart phone, tablet or what ever electronic device you’re using at the time allowing cyberthieves to steal your identity. Be cautious even with email that looks familiar; it could be fake. Instead, delete it if looks unfamiliar and block the sender.
  4. Don’t believe everything you see. Scammers are great at mimicking official seals, fonts, and other details. Just because a website or email looks official does not m
  5. ean that it is. Caller ID is commonly faked.
  6. Double check your online purchase is secure before checking out. Look for the “https” in the URL (the extra s is for “secure”) and a small lock icon on the address bar.
  7. Better yet, before shopping on the website, make certain you are on the site you intended to visit. Check out the company first at Read reviews about the quality of the merchandise, and make sure you are not buying cheap and/or counterfeit goods. Look for a brick and mortar address listing on the website itself and a working phone number. Take an extra step and call the number if it is a business you are not familiar with.
  8. Use extreme caution when dealing with anyone you’ve met online. Scammers use dating websites, Craigslist, social media, and many other sites to reach potential targets. They can quickly feel like a friend or even a romantic partner, but that is part of the con for you to trust them.
  9. Never share personally identifiable information
  10.  with someone who has contacted you unsolicited, whether it’s over the phone, by email, on social media, even at your front door. This includes banking and credit card information, your birthdate, and Social Security/Social Insurance numbers.
  11. Resist the pressure to act immediately. Shady actors typically try to make you think something is scarce or a limited time offer. They want to push victims to make a decision right now before even thinking through, asking family members, friends or a financial advisors. Sometimes, they’ll advise to avoid contacting anyone and to just trust them. While high-pressure sales tactics are also used by some legitimate businesses, it typically isn’t a good idea to make an important decision quickly.
  12. Use secure and traceable transactions. Do not p
  13. ay by wire transfer, prepaid money card, gift card, or other non-traditional payment method (see number one above). Say no to cash-only deals, high pressure sales tactics, high upfront payments, overpayments, and handshake deals without a contract. Read all of the small print on the contract and make sure to understand what the terms are.
  14. Whenever possible, work with local businesses. As
  15. k that they have proper identification, licensing, and insurance, especially contractors who will be coming into your home or anyone dealing with your money or sensitive information. Review Business Profiles at to see what other people have experienced.
  16. Be cautious about what you share on social media. Consider only connecting with people you already know. Check the privacy settings on all social media and online accounts. Imposters often get information about their targets from their online interactions, and can make themselves sound like a friend or family member because they know so much about you. Then, update and change passwords to passphrases on a regular basis on all online accounts.

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